Supreme Optimist: Positive Thinking Self Hypnosis

Check out the new video – with improved sound – for confidence and self-esteem at This is an audio presented in a video format. It contains several…
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  1. This is terrible… the background noise is louder than the hypnosis
    track… terrible choice of backing track too, weird outer space
    sounds…??? WTF… who would even think to release the disaster that
    this is… this really needs to be redone with a quieter,.more relaxing and
    appropriate backing track this isn’t disturbing to the listener, and where
    the hypnotists voice can be heard clearly throughout…

  2. i was sitting down doing this n i couldnt lift my head up half way through,
    its really good, im gonna do this often

  3. I have been very stressed lately… so this is a surprise that i can
    actually relax to your videos. thank u …..Magic

  4. I cant take this speaker seriously. He sounds like he has a severe lateral
    lisp when he speaks. All I can think about is where I put my tweezers last
    and when Im catch the speaker in his next lisp.

  5. I absolutly loved it, got to remember to lie down next time. Recommend
    staying put for a few minutes after listening.

  6. It seemed nice but I couldnt help but feel creeped out near the end of it.
    I was getting bad vibes from this video o.o

  7. folks, the *point* is to not “hear what he’s saying” because he speaks
    directly to your UNCONSCIOUS. your conscious mind is in the way and needs
    to be relaxed, which is why the sound. the advice skips the conscious and
    goes subconsciously. his ideas pop up LATER – when you actually NEED them –
    an echo that is situationally triggered to play when you encounter a
    relevant situation. sitting with headphones passively right NOW you do not
    need anything; but you will need the advice LATER.

  8. freaky….he could be speaking a curse over you…….i have no idea what
    he is saying spooky

  9. The speaker is not intended to be heard clearly. At least I think not. Your
    subconscious will hear him however and anything else you expose yourself
    to. I’ve cut back greatly on the amount of news I watch, hear and read
    because it does affect my outlook. Television in particular is atrocious
    and very little of that gets watched. It’s like your diet, your garden,
    your environment. Garbage in will become garbage out. Good things in will
    become good things out.

  10. i liked it. but i got really scared and stopped D: i am already a relaxed,
    positive person, though.

  11. If this sort of imprinting works then think about what television, the
    news, and many films have done to the psyche of our society; a media that
    shows more violence and negativity than any other mass medium ever
    invented, which has, for over the past 50+ years has programmed us with its
    ‘programming’. We’re in this together and need to wake up! Peace~

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