Red Velvet – Happiness, 레드벨벳 – 행복, Show Champion 20140820

Red Velvet - Happiness, 레드벨벳 - 행복, Show Champion 20140820

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music video by Kid Cudi performing Pursuit of Happiness.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Replies to “Red Velvet – Happiness, 레드벨벳 – 행복, Show Champion 20140820”

  1. First sm group in a while that sings live lmao its sad how exo is 3 years
    into their career and cant even sing live.
    Anyways i like them a lot!

  2. The girl with green hair has super fake smile
    However this live is amazing

  3. It’s funny how haters flock to the lives that aren’t as good as the rest
    just so they can say shit lol

  4. its soooo hard to sing live and especially while u r dancing , red velvet
    did such an amazing preformance and i respect them alot for this ; RED
    VELVET jjang

  5. All the hate on this video is basic as fuck. First, it would be nice if 70%
    of you weren’t such generalizing idiots and check out a couple of their
    videos before labeling them as bad singers for eternity. They’re just
    tired. Did you know that Mariah Carey had a concert in Korea, but she was
    tired so she lip synced half of the performance? Should she quit being a
    singer because of that? No! She’s amazing and she was just tired. It’s the
    same thing for Red Velvet. They’re new and they aren’t used to this.

    SNSD, Kara, miss A, 2pm, Super Junior, Sistar, 4minute, Wonder Girls
    (especially them) started off as very mediocre live singers. They were not
    amazing and they often went breathless or off pitch (Wonder Girls and
    4minute were kinda infamous for their horrible lives back in the day). But
    they’re doing fine right now so you guys need to stop being narrow minded.
    Especially the assholes saying that they shouldn’t be idols. Because if
    every idol quit from just one or two bad perfomances, then SNSD, Kara, miss
    A, ect. wouldn’t even exist today. 

  6. the girl who starts this song is so fucking annoying. cannot stand her. .
    …………. i can only stand joy bc shes ACTUALLY cute as fuck and fits
    into this “cute concept” 

  7. Idols have to sing and dance at the same time… If they can’t do this..
    they aren’t idols/singers… (BTS’s dance and rap is so hard but they can
    sing/rap and dance at the same time..)
    their voices are so bad.
    their smile is fake… it’s not happy… Sorry :/

  8. damn that blue hair chick has a good voice. I don’t know what everyone else
    is talking about, I like this group. but hey I like almost every group so I
    guess it doesn’t matter what I think lol.

  9. they cant really sing and I cant stand joy looking hella happy and cute,
    cant even look mature for once.

  10. whenever there are live performances coming from SM artists I actually do
    not like to look on the comments, because whenever I look at it, I just
    feel tired, sick and sad, it breaks my heart, really! More famous , more
    haters. 아이 진짜

  11. Was it just me or Wendy’s voice really did break at the bridge, the “Shine
    On Me” part? They sound so tired and I could hear them pant while singing
    🙁 especially Seulgi and Wendy

  12. ╭━━━╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮╱╭━━━╮╭━╮

  13. How does this have over 80 million views when Rihanna is the only girl in
    the world 

  14. How does this song have over 85 million views when there are only 7 people
    on earth?

  15. this song seems so sad to me. he knows none of the superficial things will
    make him happy in the long run just by how he was looking at himself at the
    end says that. its like drinking when your lonley, you know its not helping
    you, but in that moment just a little something to fill that void is better
    than nothing.

  16. This isn’t a thumbs up to drinking and doing drugs; it’s a sarcastic
    parody of an addict’s thought process when under the influence. The lyrics
    hint everything is falling to hell around the person, but the person
    ignores every care or ‘trial’ in favor of the addictive substance. The
    title is the *Pursuit* of Happiness, meaning happiness is never achieved,
    but fruitlessly sought after in an artificial form of it. 

  17. u cant have drake in the video and not have him rap. now THTS some bull. u
    got him lookin stupid as shit with his bottle too. tht aint right bruh.

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    going on how.
    this video currently has 90,565,411 views 368,061 likes and 11,593
    guys, that adds up to 90,945,065…
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    there are only 7 million people in the world!!!
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  22. People looking for “happiness” by doing stupid things. What they’re really
    doing is trying to fill up that incomplete feeling they have that only
    Jesus can fill up.

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  26. I wonder how come Cudi has Drake in this video and then 2014 he says that
    If he rapped about the same stuff Drake raps about Drake would be out of
    business? I thought they’re friends what’s up with that?

  27. His net worth is 5 million
    Drake’s net worth is 55 million
    Also Cudi was way more longer in the game than Drake
    Okay, Drake have some really dope songs I must admit like SFTB, All me,
    0/100 catch up,Trophies and to me thats pretty much it.
    How and why is Drake so mad popular I will never know.

  28. Is this what passes for music nowadays? I’d rather listen to a cow piss on
    a snare drum than this shit.

  29. its ironic to watch this video and read some comments. here is my add.
    well. to make your life a bit of happiness. you don’t need to pursuit it.
    you have to make your happiness to pursuit you.

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