Rachael Sage: “Happiness (Maddie’s Song)” – from Lifetime’s “Dance Moms”

As featured in the Lifetime series “Dance Moms” (season 4) Single available on iTunes now (MPress Records, 2014) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/happiness-maddies-song-single/id895258081.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Replies to “Rachael Sage: “Happiness (Maddie’s Song)” – from Lifetime’s “Dance Moms””

  1. thanks so much for writing this song. who says song writers can’t have
    great proud moments. that’s what this signifies for me. it was simple and
    it meant something to YOU very good

  2. I just deleted the few songs I had on my ipod and will not buy another, if
    you cant be honest then your not worth supporting

  3. You’re right that Maddie was not written for Maddie but actually when
    Rachel wrote and posted the song in 2012 it was called ‘Happiness (Maddie’s
    Song). It’s not about her but apparently dedicated to her : )

  4. really only nine comments what a bore this song is awesome and inspiring to
    me it makes me feel better when im madd or having a bad day or when im
    thinking about something really hard rachael sage ur genius

  5. Awesome song by an even more awesome singer. Stop whatever you are doing
    now and listen to it. It’s THAT good.

  6. It’s a nice enough song. However… The whole “Maddie’s Song” seems to be
    an afterthought/ promotional gimmick. There is NO mention of Maddie in the
    August 6, 2012 article written by Evan Schlansky for American Songwriter .
    com where the “Happiness” music was stated to be inspired by Paper Raincoat
    and the lyrics by a life transition for Rachael. Honesty is the best

  7. This song reminds me of where I am right now. After so many years of trying
    to find my place, I have now arrived at a point where I find peace and joy;
    and where I am able to help others along their journey. Or, to put it
    another way, “I waited my whole life for the chance to become soulful” and
    now “ceilings are ascending where they were collapsing” and “doors are open
    where once they were closing.”

  8. No, it was called ‘happiness (Maddies song)’ but it wasn’t used until
    recently on the show, and was’t really mentioned but it was dedicated to
    Maddie 🙂

  9. IMO Abbey used 10 of Rachel’s song in this season and she wanted some PR so
    they needed a reason for Rachel to be on the show so hence the “Maddie”
    song that we all know was not written for her.

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