I haven’t been writing about it on this blog, but I’ve been intimately involved in the development of one of the best PHP5 frameworks out there. The framework is called QCubed; it’s a model-view-controller framework that’s meant to save the time for all PHP developers out there.

If you’ve ever written a form in PHP, you know what i’m talking about. Those pesky HTML tags, client-side validation, server-side validation, flow control (multi-page forms…), database interactions… Mess that nobody wants to deal with. Well, QCubed solves all of these problems. An object-relational mapper creates nice PHP5 objects out of your database entities. A library of powerful AJAX controls makes interacting with your form a breeze.

Event-driven, stateful approach to form development gives PHP developers the time to do what actually matters – code the business logic (and not the stupid SQL queries). It also enforces strict standards that set good precedents for separation of model, view, and controller – so that the junior developer on your team is not tempted to put the SQL, PHP, and HTML all in one file. And man, am I guilty of this :-).

Anyway… the QCubed framework recently hit a major milestone – the second release candidate for the 1.0 release. It’s stable enough to build businesses on (and, in fact, there are many businesses using it already). There are numerous tutorials to help you get started. Give it a shot!
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