Positive Thoughts, Positive Thinking

Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Think positive at all times… positive thoughts and positive thinking is the key to a good life. Once you train your brain to think positivel…
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  1. A bruh your video is like that I didn’t even finish watching it because the
    beginning was the main key that everybody needed to hear an it touched me
    because the samething you was saying I said but in a different way. So I
    had to comment on this because its not a lot of people that’s willing to do
    positive things but for god has changed you an I don’t even know nothing
    about you but this video tells me you been throw alot. Just keep your head
    up bruh an god goin keep doing the positive things in your life. This is
    what I tell people an ima say it in the video I’m about to put up an if you
    don’t mind if I give you a S/O. The thing I say is CHANGE IS THE KEY TO

  2. @TheNickmack23 your backwards and a lost cause. bye bye sick retarded,
    ignorant, stupid, idiotic ASS.

  3. Thank you so much for this intriguing message Jaylove. God blessed you with
    so much wisdom and the power to spread powerful messages to people. This
    message snapped me out of those painful thoughts I was experiencing for the
    past 3 months. I hope whoever watches this video feels better about
    themselves and not give up on this beautiful life. Keep it up and ignore
    the haters.

  4. What I’m also saying is that if you are doing trough some shit, you should
    also rely on others. And if you can, help others any way you can. World
    will remain as shit as it is if people will be looking out only for
    themselves. As well as helping others, you should be able to recieve help.
    And that’s something that’s even harder for some people than helping others.

  5. I started crying in the middle of this video this really touched me going
    through alot of things right now

  6. There is an expression, “Bring your mind and your ass will follow.” I take
    that to mean that it all starts with our thoughts. If you think negative
    thoughts, you will draw negative energy and actions into your life. If you
    stay in the positive you will draw positive energy into your life, and you
    will be more likely to take actions or steps to better your situation
    instead of being defeated by it. Thanks JayLove47. This was a very
    inspiring video.

  7. That was pretty resouceful of you. Single father who’s trying to be an
    actor but I’m sorta locked inthe

  8. I’m going to tell you the truth, if this video was for me, and you started
    off with “I don’t care what you’re going through…” You’re a
    contradiction. You started off with, I really don’t give a damn, but the
    Lord wants me to do it! So I had to laugh and thank my lucky stars this
    video is not for me.

  9. Man just tell me wtf am I supposed to do? I know u are trying to help, but
    I have been socially anxious for the past decade, never had true friends,
    or dated, or went out, or a relationship. Basically, I have missed out on
    everything social related. I just stay in my room playing video games
    because it is so hard to see everyone else outside. How can I take away all
    the regret, and frustration, sadness and loneliness? I have had low self
    esteem too, every thought I get is negative.

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