Positive Thinking Video in Hindi

A quick tip on positive thinking in Hindi. This Hindi Inspirational Video will give you a quick positive thinking tip and how you can change your thinking from a negative attitude to positive…
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The Secret - Law of Attraction - Positive thinking

Law of Attraction is the biggest and most powerful law in this whole Universe. It says whatever you think whatever you feel , You will Exactly get the same – This universe will give that thing…
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26 Replies to “Positive Thinking Video in Hindi”

  1. sb seh hai but me apni lzyness se mukti kese pau……jese hi padne bethti
    hoon tri der ke baad nind ane lag jati hai or sare mood ki band baaj jati
    hai ………. any solution……….help me

  2. Hello!!!! Sir please aap har video se pehle ” hey hey hey hello ” kehna mat
    bhoola Karo badhia lagta hai 

  3. Sir I solute you. you are awesome. I get lots of positive energy by
    watching your videos .

  4. Thanks bro. I always see ur motivational videos.ur videos give me a
    positive energy as well as give me the confidence.i need a motivational
    book frm u.pls tell how? U r my inspiration bro.i will wait ur rply.my no.is
    8603130042 Pls give me a call.or give ur ur office no.i want ur cd & books.

  5. subscribe to karleya mujhe appka ek book dedo. taki age aur bad shaku aur
    khushi se jee shaku

  6. Himeesh sir I am very sorry mujhe pata nahi tha ki ts madaan apke father
    hai And sir aapne sai advise di Sandeep maheshwari ke videos bahut ache

  7. Hey….Him-eesh……I went through your videos 2-3 days back and
    immediately subscribed 🙂 …..I just loved the way you motivate…..I have
    gone through some bad phases of my life and even had hospitalized for more
    than 2 months due to worry & tension….but now wants to achieve my Goals,
    what I had set in my childhood…..thanks a lot man for showing me right
    path and motivating me 🙂 🙂
    Wants to meet you once in life :)

  8. It was good big bro but ur other videos motivates more but keep it up when
    ever I am sad or want to die feelings come then I watch your videos nd
    thanks for motivating me #himesh

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