1 way not to get hacked – KeePass

I heard of password savers on IE and Firefox, but has anyone ever heard of this?

It isn’t all that new, but it is worth looking into. I know quite a few people that had their accounts hacked, and when I asked them what their old password was, it was something STUPID SIMPLE!! Come on people, stop putting in yourname1 lol

KeePass let you generate strong passwords, even save your passwords for certain sites, even your different computers. You can save the KeePass on your usb stick, so you never have to type it in. What does all this mean?

It means make your passwords INCREDIBILY LONG, throw them on the KeePass and forget about. Just make sure you keep a copy of the KeePass, just in case you lose it.


Windows 7 – My Experience

I have been using Windows 7 for a good while now, and I have to commend Microsoft on the new OS. It is very stable, and I really like the new layout. I never jumped on the Vista bandwagon, and so damn glad I didn’t! But 7 is well worth it. There def is a learning curve that goes with it, but you do not need to be a brain surgeon to pick up. I’m so glad the graphics got better, and the processing is a lot faster, faster than my Win XP. The only crazy thing I am running into is the ability to add certain software’s on there. Even though I install running as "win xp sp 2" mode, they still do not work. I might need to get another person involved to help solve this, but so far it’s all positive remarks from my end. If people are still scared to make that plunge, I say go for it. There are always updates that are being patched out, but still the OS is very stable. There are so many new features that Microsoft has added, its def worth a test drive. (and no Microsoft did not pay me for this endorsement, but it would’ve been nice!)