NERD x Al Green – Love and Happiness

NERD x Al Green - Love and Happiness

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25 thoughts on “NERD x Al Green – Love and Happiness

  1. Rachel Murray says:

    Not going to lie. I came because of the pic of the guy being used as the
    thumbnail! 😛 . . .we’ll see if I like the music now! 

  2. Melissa Filipasic says:

    the guy is too sexy. men, girls like this kind of music, too, so let us
    also enjoy 😉 :))

  3. Maverick6017 says:

    tyht work love this mix a great mix.!!! Fantastic way to mastermind the old
    and the new!!!! need some james brown with this too. On the good foot>lol.

  4. Jose Flores says:

    I think maybe the temp is a little too fast.
    Al green remixed by Claptone – I would love to see that!!!

  5. max west says:

    looking all hard, trying to suck a splinter from his finger. but on the
    inside he is crying!

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