Low Fat Vegan Recipes 5

Low Fat Vegan Recipes 5

Get Recipes Here or Below : http://goo.gl/uYhI3G In this part of my low fat vegan recipe series I’ll make 2 vegan cheese sauces, an Awesome Vegan Macaroni an…
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12 thoughts on “Low Fat Vegan Recipes 5

  1. Derek Banas says:

    We make 2 vegan cheese sauces, an Awesome Vegan Macaroni and Cheese and a
    portobello cheese steak sandwich

  2. RatchetSK says:

    i still dont understand why people fear fat so much. I mean sugar and
    excess carbs are WAY more dangerous than good fat (no trans fat, fried or
    overcooked). high quality butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, high %
    chocolate…them are all great

  3. Jezawix Violet says:

    Thanks a ton for this I just made the vegan mac n cheese (the healthier
    one) and it rocked my world… so frikkin tasty! :) Plus I’m learning
    javascript atm so I’m watching some of your tutorials while I eat it :)
    Great stuff!!! :) Thanks again!! :) xxxxxxx

  4. Chaitanya Bhagwat says:

    I find it hilarious (in a good way) that you are teaching me how to use the
    Observer programming pattern and how to make vegan mac & cheese on the
    same channel :D

  5. MyOrlands says:

    Hey Derek, can t you see tha fat is good for your health? This Low fat diet
    is bullshit.
    Just look to the newest researchs out there.
    We need cholesterol to make testosterone and other hormones.Doctor Mercola
    has a youtube channel .

  6. srviews says:

    Hey Derek,
    Would you be interested in career counseling/advising me on my career?
    I am looking for some kind of guidance. If you can help, I can leave my
    question here or on twitter dm.

  7. Nicole Taylor says:

    Now I know what to make for lunch after taking a break from your PHP
    tutorials! Awesome, thanks!

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