Election: Election Day Freebies Roundup

# Ben & Jerry’s: Free scoop of ice cream between 5-8pm.

# Books-A-Million: Free cup of coffee after showing your “I voted” sticker.

# California Tortilla: Free taco for showing “I voted” sticker.

# Chick-fil-A: “Several hundred” of 1,400 Chick-fil-A restaurants are handing out chicken sandwiches (the kind normally $2.70) to adults with proof of voting.

# Krispy Kreme: Free star-shaped doughnut with “patriotic sprinkles” (i.e. red, white, and blue) for “all retail customers with an ‘I Voted’ sticker.” USA Today reports that 85 of 231 Krispy Kreme locations will participate.

# Shane’s Rib Shack: A free “Celebrate America Meal”—3-piece chicken tenders, fries, and 20-ounce drink—to the first 300 customers at participating locations, according to their press release.

# Starbucks: Free tall coffee at “any Starbucks.” “Tell us you voted” seems to be the bargaining chip, according to their recent TV ads.

# Vote & Vax: National project by non-profits to offer free flu vaccinations on election day. (locate)