There is likely a 99.9 percent chance that LeBron James will re-sign with Cleveland when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2010, since the Cavaliers can offer the All-Star forward more dough than any other team in the league.
If James does decide to leave his home state of Ohio, there is speculation that he would only opt to sign with either the New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets due to the fact that the New York area is the largest market in the country.
But, why dosen’t anybody ever mention Los Angeles as a possible destination?  No, not the Lakers, but the other team in town, the Clippers.
Okay, before you laugh yourself to death, hear me out.
Think about it for a moment.  Sure, the Clippers are the worst managed franchise in the NBA and owner Donald Sterling hates to shell out cash, even though he foolishly gave Baron Davis a 5-year $65 million dollar deal a year ago. What was he thinking?
But LeBron may be up for the challenge to transform the Clips from perennial lottery participants to a championship contender.
He would team up with guard Eric Gordon and soon to be No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin to give the Clippers an exciting trio to build around for years to come.
Unlike the past, quality free agents would flock to the Clippers for the opportunity to play with LeBron and compete for a championship.
In order to get far enough under the cap to offer LeBron a reasonable contract, Sterling would need to unload big men Chris Kaman and troubled forward Zach Randolph off of the payroll, and somehow get rid of Davis.
And L.A. would offer something that both Cleveland New York could not—beautiful weather and sandy beaches.
In addition, the Lakers-Clippers rivalry would become the league’s top rated matchup as LeBron and Kobe Bryant would go head to head four times a year.
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