Battery description
Rated capacity
Test results
Rated vs tested
Cost per amp hour
Cost+US S&H+tax
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Nexus One, OEM 1400mAh 1357mAh png/csv 97% $18.42 $25, link N1’s OEM setting the bar high MobilityDigest
N1, Seidio 3200mAh 2691mAh png/csv 84% $28.19 $75.85, link Well at least Seidio beat Mugen Roto
N1, Seidio 1600mAh 1305mAh png/csv 82% $38.29 $49.97, link Seido’s apparent playbook Roto
N1, Cameron Sino oversized 2400mAh 2029mAh png/csv 85% $10.79 $21.90, link Not a bad deal, includes door Roto
TP2 OEM standard issue 1500mAh 1414mAh png/csv 94% $10.60 $14.99, link Seller may no longer be legit Sean Graham
TP2 OEM, mini
1054mAh png/csv
$7.98, link
OEM rated right AT&T warranty
TP2 Mugen 1800mAh 1414mAh png/csv 79% $24.01 $33.95, link Mugen is disputing our methods Jeremy Riley
TP2 Mugen, exchanged 1800mAh 1256mAh png/csv 70% $27.03 $33.95, link Seriously Mugen? Mugen, Jeremy
TP2 Seidio, light use 2 mos 1750mAh 1383mAh png/csv 79% ≤$28.56 $39.50, link Not new but still disappointing Jason Weaver
TP2 No name #1 1500mAh 1237mAh png/csv 82% $5.58 $6.90, link Package deal, two batts Doug Simmons
TP2 No name #2, large 3600mAh 2466mAh png/csv 69% $8.02 $19.85, link Nowhere near claim, bad door MobilityDigest
TP2 Fake OEM #1 1500mAh 1210mAh png/csv 81% $5.17 $6.26, link Counterfeit, seller removed item MobilityDigest
TP2 Fake OEM #2 1500mAh 826mAh  png/csv 55% $7.15 $5.85, link Bad counterfeit, seller refunded Doug Simmons
TP2 Fake OEM #3 1500mAh 1248mAh png/csv 83% $5.01 $5.85, link eBay seller ibestone still faking Shawn Martell
TP2 OEM, used 6 months
1307mAh png/csv
$14.99, link
Not bad for 6mos use MobilityDigest
TP2 Andida, light use 4mos
1198mAh gif/csv
$9.99, link
BS mAh but good cheapo
TP2 Andida, new 2000mAh
1101mAh png/csv
$9.99, link Yikes, worse than the used one Shawn Martell
TP2 OEM, new 2150mAh 2150mAh png/csv 100% $18.36 $39.47 TP2/AT&T Jackpot! Boldface appropriate! Wade Woosley
Hero, no name, oversized 3200mAh
1790mAh png/csv
$10.99, link Weak but cheap Dan Mason
Hero, Mugen, oversized 3200mAh
2396mAh png/csv
$79.95, link Wow Mugen, $80 for this? Jason Triplett
Incredible OEM used 1m 1300mAh
1269mAh png/csv
$32.93, link Okay but phone can take 1500s Jasper Williams
EVO 4G stock OEM 1500mAh
1443mAh png/csv
$40.90, link As expected OEM delivers John Doward
EVO 4G, Amzer 1800mAh       $59.94, link On the way people, relax! Carl Willi
EVO 4G, Seidio, oversized 3500mAh
2821mAh png/csv
$77.25, link Not cheap but hey, best mAh Carl Willi