According to HollywoodHeavy:

Justin Tuck has had the privilege of winning his second Super Bowl title with the New York Giants after Sunday’s big victory, and he decided to celebrate in a big way.

Justin surprised his teammates, coaches and front office workers with a custom-engraved 750-milliliter bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue whisky. Each bottle was engraved with the player’s name and “Super Bowl XLVI champions” on it.  Justin’s total tally for 80 bottles?  A cool $17,600.

Justin said he “wanted to give the guys on the team, the coaches and everyone who got us to Indianapolis a personal gift to thank them for everything that they’ve done.” He added, “To be a Super Bowl champion, not once, but twice is a dream, and I wanted to give something special to the teammates and coaches that made the dream possible,” Tuck said. “My hope is that they share this with the friends and family who helped them achieve not only this individual win but the journey to it.”

The generous defensive end player gifted the players the bottles around 8 am on Tuesday, just before they headed down to the big parade through The Canyon of Heroes. Each bottle retails for around $220.