How to Make Vegan Dog Food

Ingredients list: 2 cups lentils 2 cups brown rice 1 cup oats 1 cup split peas 1 cup sunflower, flax or sesame seeds (ground) 12 cups water 1.5 cups nutritio…

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  1. Dogs love most fruits and vegetables, but it’s always best to do your
    research of which ones can be given to them or not. Definitely no grapes,
    raisins, avocados, onions, garlic.
    Definitely no cashew nuts or chocolate. The list is actually longer which
    is accessible on the Internet. Peanut butter is questionable so I say no.

  2. Good video, however a side note. Bread is no good for humans or dogs.
    Wheat bread is horrible for humans and dogs especially. Check out the
    dangers of eating wheat.

  3. Good video. Don’t like canola oil though. Coconut oil is also excellent for

  4. I’m getting an 8 week old puppy, and I want to feed it as clean of a diet
    as possible. Maybe even juice for it. Can puppies grow on this type of

  5. very good recipe however the nutritional yeast u put is waaaaaay too
    much..And all these powder and vegedog for what?the food already has the
    protein and vitamins and fibers ,I don’t think they need all these

  6. Grains are bad for all dogs and cats (Doctor Karen Becker and Dr. Dobias
    Holistic Vets) If you have to then do Organic Sprouted Quinoa (in
    moderation) Wash them first before cooking 

  7. Thank you, going to the market right now. My dogs are all rescues and have
    different needs. 2 had cancer when I rescued them, 3 have allergies, UG!!
    They’ve been vegan for 2 years on kibble. The dry kibble is not working so
    well so I’m trying yours out. I’m pretty sure it’s the potato in
    the food. BTW! On a side note my Vet is NOT vegan and he gives a vegan
    diet for dogs total support. 😀 nummy nummy! 

  8. you really shouldn’t cook the nutritional yeast over 100 degrees C because
    it loses its nutrients. I think adding the nutritional yeast after the
    veggies and grains are cooked and cooled would be the better option

  9. Hallo Trudy, thank you for your great video. My dogs love your recipe. I
    have been investigating about the supplements they would need and I found
    that it would be good to give them L-carnitine, but it is not included in
    vegedog. What do you think about L-carnitine? I find it very hard to find
    pure L-carnitine here in Argentina. Do you give your dogs L-carnitine at
    all? With kind regards Sandra

  10. ░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄
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  11. If you do not have time to make this food, there is vegetarian dog food on
    the market. I am feeding v-dog and my dog loves it. You have to order from
    a company calklked v-dog, and they not in any petshop, delivery is free.
    Garlic? No harm on the dog, only vet do not want us to give it to our dog,
    because garlic kills bacteria, so less income for them. I put one clove in
    every feeding. Raw veggy? Dogs can not digest them, they have sorter
    digestion track. So cook the veggy for them.

  12. @dragon411320 Dogs eat what we feed them. They are totally dependent on us
    for that. So I feed my dogs healthy food that meets their needs and that
    they enjoy.

  13. I just wanted to say I LOVE this video!!! Such great information!! I was
    just going to feed my dogs a vegetarian dog food diet, but after seeing
    this video, a vegan diet seems better!! Also, how much would I feed my 25
    lb. EXTREMELY high activity dog? Agility,frisbee, etc. EVERY DAY!!! Thanks
    soooo much!!!

  14. sorry, didn’t answer all questions. I make big batches because I have three
    largish dogs. the recipe above makes only about twelve cups, so it would
    only last me one day. I doubled it, and still have to make food every other
    day. We have stored the food in fridge when we were gone over the weekend,
    and it’s fine when we get back. It’s human grade food, so it will keep for
    a max of about six days in fridge.

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