How to Make Healthy Oven Baked Potato Fries or Chips + Guacamole Dip ♡ Vegan Recipes

Recipe with measurements are on my blog: Hi my loves! My oven-baked chips recipe (or fries depending on where you’re from :-P) was r…
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EASY Lentil Soup w/ Sun-dried Tomatoes & Spinach Recipe | Vegan Dinner

Vegan Soup-er playlist: Recipe for Lentil soup with sun-dried tomatoes & spinach: ——————-…

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  1. +Jill Vanille Hi hun! Thanks so much! I bake them at 225 degrees celsius
    (around 450 degrees fahrenheit) in my oven for around 20 minutes. <3

  2. Thanks Zhouer. Nice to find another Aussie (or at least a well-spoken Kiwi?
    lol) in the Vegan cooking scene. I don’t know if it is my oven or what, but
    I cannot ever get chips/wedges to work without par-boiling first. Anyway,
    I’ve subscribed and will check out your other vids, cheers.

  3. Your recipe looks so delicious! It’s easy – perfect for everyone! 🙂 I
    really like it!
    But seriously, why do you use the plastic bag? I think living vegan isn’t
    just about what you’re eating. It’s also about how you treat the planet.
    (Like the carbon dioxid emissions and stuff like that.) Don’t you feel bad
    when you’re using a plastic bag just because you’re too lazy to wash your
    dishes afterwards? I’m really sorry to say that, it’s just my opinoin.
    Besides that fact great video, enjoyed watching it! :)

  4. #TeamLentil Approved! Sun-dried tomatoes and Spinach make this bowl of
    cozy #vegan comfort extra special

  5. Great recipe I am always on the look out for new lentil recipes especially
    high iron dishes and you ticketed both thank you.

  6. Thanks for showing me how to go through the lentils! I love the addition of
    spinach too – easy way to add greens in, which I need to do more of… I
    really can’t believe how many people made lentil soups. Clearly, I need to
    get some experience under my belt and stop being so anxious about cooking
    dried beans..

  7. Heck yes! This looks amazing and I happened to have some sun-dried tomatoes
    on hand. Thank you for doing this collaboration with me :-)

  8. I’m a little obsessed with lentils lately and this is an amazingly simple
    recipe. But I do have to cook them a lot longer (another 20 mins) to make
    sure they are fully cooked and don’t make me gassy. Thanks for the amazing

  9. The soup looks very good. I just started eating vegan, so I’m glad I have
    your channel to help me out with meal ideas.

  10. I never sort out my lentils, didn’t know there would be rocks in it, haha.
    Thanks for the tip and I love sun-dried tomatoes!!! Yummers!!

  11. I’m going to try lentil soup again… the recipe I used was almost
    identical to yours except the addition of the spinach, and I swear it was
    bland. I couldn’t figure out what was missing!

  12. When I saw my youtube subscriptions today, I was like “whoa, why is
    everyone making soup?” It all makes sense now…

  13. I’ve never thought to soak lentils. I soak dried beans but I usually check
    and rinse lentils and cook them right away.

  14. Yummy! I buy already cooked lentils from Trader Joe’s. The packages are
    where the lettuce and soy products are. They are perfect-no pebbles-no
    wondering if they are cooked thoroughly! I am intimidated by cooking dry
    beans-they never turn out the right texture so I buy canned. Lazy me!

  15. I love lentils so much, thanks for the soaking tip – I never thought of
    doing that before. Yay for #vegansoup !!

  16. Good tip about sorting the lentils! I’m just starting to incorporate
    sundried tomatoes in my cooking so this recipe is very ideal for me,
    thanks! :)

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