How to Make Coconut Bacon {Vegan}

How to Make Coconut Bacon {Vegan}

I made vegan coconut bacon for these sweet and savory treats. Lainey from SimplyBakings mixed up the perfect batter for pancake bites. Coconut Bacon recipe h…
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25 thoughts on “How to Make Coconut Bacon {Vegan}

  1. Veggietorials says:

    I’m on a coconut kick! This vegan bacon tastes amazing on BLT’s,baked
    potatoes and the maple pancake bites I made with Lainey!

  2. Ariyele Ressler says:

    a) this recipe is SO creative b) seeing you both in the TM kitchens is
    amaze c) LOVE this video. great music. so upbeat :)

  3. Veggietorials says:

    Yes! It tastes wonderfully smokey and salty.You can experiment with using
    the same marinade on eggplant (cut into strips) or even jicama and bake the
    same way.

  4. Veggietorials says:

    Aloha Tara,25 minutes at 375F degrees–stir every 5 minutes. Let me know
    how it works out for you :)

  5. Richard Blaine says:

    That stuff rocks! Come to think of it those smoked herbs did make naan a
    bit on the bacony side!

  6. foodieluvsfitness says:

    try the cheez.. I just do like cashews, lemon juice, garlic, salt, water,
    nutritional yeast, and the TJ Smoke spice … :)

  7. foodieluvsfitness says:

    I’m gonna try this.. just so happens I’ve got everything but the coconut
    aminos to make the coconut bacon. I LOVE the African Smoke spice from TJ!!
    SO GOOD!!! I use that in my cashew cheeze sauce for my kale chips.. it’s a
    delicious smoke cheeze bbq flavor

  8. Veggietorials says:

    Aloha Amber! I think it will be perfect for butternut squash soup,yum :)
    Let me know how you like it

  9. SimplyBakings says:

    LOL!!! love how you edited this!! by the way, I told my friends about this
    recipe and they can’t wait to try it!!!

  10. mimirimini says:

    Thesweetestvegan has an awesome mouthwatering recipe! If you haven’t done
    yet, please check it out! big hugs!

  11. Veggietorials says:

    Thanks Chica! Lainey was so fun to work with. Maybe next time we can all
    film together? 😀

  12. Veggietorials says:

    You can put it on errr’thang Ken! I’m working on a pumpkin soup today and
    there will definitely be a bacon garnish :)

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