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Who: Henry Storch of Old Blue Raw Honey
What he does: Migratory beekeeper and professional farrier
Where: Wren, Oregon

About five years ago, Henry Storch, a budding amateur beekeeper at the time, got a series of calls from thoughtful logger friends petitioning him to come collect honeybee colonies that had inadvertently been brought into logging sites. (The wild bees had been living in the trunks of trees that had been felled by the loggers.) Little did he know at the time that this would be the beginning of a move into professional migratory beekeeping.

This week we’re getting a look at the life of a migratory beekeeper, from the start of the season in the California almond orchards, through the honey flow and harvest. But today, we learn a little bit more about Henry himself, and how it all started.


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