Happiness Is A Warm Gun The Beatles – You Sing The Hits

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British Airways - The Happiness Blanket

What if you could measure how you’re feeling when you fly with us? Well now you can, thanks to the Happiness Blanket. This revolutionary device monitors your happiness then changes colour…
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44 Replies to “Happiness Is A Warm Gun The Beatles – You Sing The Hits”

  1. abyss works but i think its bits. I have seen different lyrics different
    places. Don’t do that shit man

  2. The way the song starts (without an instrumental cue), it’s hard to come in
    at the right time. There should be a countdown for tempo…

  3. Our revolutionary Happiness Blanket monitors your happiness when you’re on
    board with us, changing colour to reflect your mood. Check out the video
    below to find out how our passengers got on when they tested it on a
    transatlantic flight and then head here http://bit.ly/1mIEIOS to find out
    how else we’re investing in your wellbeing on board.

  4. This is awesome! A fantastic way to really analyze & determine how you can
    not only make their flight better but also The company better. I also like
    it because stuitress may concentrate on passengers that may require more.
    Brilliant absolutely brilliant!

  5. ブリティッシュ・エアウェイズが乗客の気分によって色が変わる「ハピネス・ブランケット」を試してみた動画!

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