How bad is the economy? Bad enough for the Georgia Department of Labor to accept listings for exotic dancers on its employment website.

The advertisement doesn’t require that applicants have previous experience, but the right candidate “must have people skills.” Also mandated is “a neat appearance” — which may or may not rule out C-section scars and cigarette burns.

Listed in the hamlet of Lawrenceville, Ga., the job description for the $75–$150-per-hour position reads as follows: “Male and female candidate(s) will perform at private parties, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, frat parties, holiday parties and going-away parties. Perform exotic dance.”

When pressed for a comment, GDL Communication Director Sam Hill responded, “The Georgia Department of Labor serves as a public labor exchange, and job listings must meet certain criteria. Unemployment in Georgia is 10.6 percent, and the rate in Atlanta is 10.4 percent. Exotic dancing is a legal job in Georgia, provided it complies with state law and local ordinances.”

Some people have speculated that as jobs disappear, more women may be finding employment in the adult entertainment industry. We can’t substantiate that reasoning, but we do find it strangely titillating.