Fully express yourself, so that you can communicate your innermost thoughts and feelings with others, even if they don’t accept you for who you are.

Most people are afraid to go against the current, and instead choose to compromise themselves, afraid that if they do otherwise nobody will like them. Constantly seeking acceptance from others, they pretend to be different than who they are so as to please them, and hence suppress themselves in all sorts of ways that only results in experiencing tremendous suffering.

But I am telling you: those who don’t like you for who you are don’t deserve a place in your life!

Surprisingly, the moment you become true to yourself and others — that is, when you fully express the essence of your being without lies and pretense — you’ll transform into a magnet that is effortlessly attracting those of a similar mindset to yours — those who will accept you just the way you are and truly enjoy being in your company.

Eventually, it doesn’t matter if you have plenty of fake friends — what matters is that you have real ones, even if they can can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So be yourself, express yourself, and burn your social masks.

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