The Roll Call

Here are suggested sushi ingredients. Many don’t need soy sauce or wasabi, but it doesn’t hurt. Mixing and matching is fine. Pairs like umeboshi and scallions are particularly good.

Cooked chopped spinach, perhaps with a bit of sesame oil
Cucumber, raw or lightly pickled
Daikon and other radishes
Escabeche of eggplant or other vegetables
Fried tofu (sold in Japanese stores)
Pickled eggplant
Pickled mustard greens
Pickled winter squash
Poached asparagus or other vegetables
Radish sprouts or other sprouts
Raw or seared tofu, cubed
Roasted eggplant
Roasted pepper, with or without anchovy
Sautéed mushrooms
Scrambled eggs (or fried or poached quail egg)
Speck or prosciutto
Thinly sliced cooked meat
Umeboshi, pitted and halved
Watercress or arugula

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