Confidence + Positive Thinking

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Here we have Academy of Golf Dynamics instructor, Thor Lokey, discussing positive thinking on the golf course. Well thought out shot strategy and course management must be accompanied by positive…

26 Replies to “Confidence + Positive Thinking”

  1. this might sound stupid but i feel like being positive all the time and
    thinking positive thoughts is kind of like sugar coating everything and
    being oblivious

  2. O gosh, I never realized how I come off,… You made me really
    uncomfortable while thinking negative thoughts. 🙂 Then again I feel like I
    ‘wasted’ so much time doing that, that I feel kinda discouraged to change
    it,..does that make sense? I know in reality it doesn’t matter (live in the
    present) but it is just the way I feel,..

  3. Okay I admit, I did giggle a tiny bit during this video. But man, powerful
    stuff! Thanks, Jessica :o)

  4. @4368jkoch She’s not trying to be Oprah, she’s not trying to be a
    therapist. She knows that some of her viewers don’t feel good about
    themselves so she wants to help people feel better. I think this video was
    great. Don’t like it? Don’t watch.Don’t comment. This video probably made
    people improve themselves and made them feel better. Your comment doesn’t

  5. wow i love this video n the positive feedback! I think it gives us viewers
    a chance to realize were all the same n we all have problems n
    insecurities,,,,you should do more of these vids!! xoxoxo

  6. I love all your vids but I think this one is the best of all!! We are
    spending so much time on make up and that stuff, which is ok, if it helps
    to feel more confident, but as you said, it would be so much more important
    to spend more time on how we think or how we see ourselves!! thanks for
    that thought impetus

  7. At 44 years old I’m probably older than most of your viewers but after all
    my years of rambling around this big world I couldn’t agree more with the
    power of positivity. I’d also like to point out that confidence starts at
    home and the foundation of ones family. Take every opportunity to support
    your love ones and empower them to empower themselves.

  8. wow that is so true! I could tell a difference between the negative and the
    positive! Love your videos and I bought the book the secret and the Jack
    Canfield book because of you.

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  10. I was nodding non-stop through the whole video. I’m a busy person and I
    don’t have any time to watch my favorite make up artists in here but, I
    will never regret watching this one or any of your vids ^^. Btw I’m a nurse
    and I want to ask if you could do a professional make up look for us, the
    ppl who work in hospitals. AND YES WE WANT TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL TOO!.

  11. aww I wanted to hug you when you were thinking negative haha. You looked so
    sad. This vid is awesome though- you’re a super hero for making it 🙂

  12. Appreciate the honesty – sometimes gurus & such can feel so distant, not
    based on whether they do this/that product review, but because their
    actions feel forced, or as if they are trying to disguise their actual
    motivations for something else. It must be tough to put yourself out there,
    but I guess that is the kind of thing that having self-confidence makes
    easier. I agree with all of this video; it’s OK to feel down sometimes, and
    to want things, but know that you need foundations beforehand.

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