Coachella 2011’s Dates and Band Line-Up Have Hit the Net
Where: Indio, CA, United States

We haven’t even made it through SXSW yet and already the music and culture scene is a-buzz with another festival: Coachella. For the uninitiated, Coachella is a weekend-long music party in the desert, nearest the town of Indio, California. It’s the closest thing we have in these modern times to Woodstock, and the demographics are pretty much the same. So pack your mustache wax, your most thrift store-looking muscle tee and forget the sunblock, because the palest person who gets the most sunburned wins.

This year, the “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Fest,” as it’s formally called, will be held April 15-17 and the line-up of performers only dropped yesterday:

It’s a rather excellent line-up, considering facts like Lauryn Hill hasn’t been on such a major stage in a while so we’re interested to see how crazy she gets. Also, Kanye West has announced retirement from rapping and yet he hasn’t quite yet managed the retirement part. Maybe he’ll bring more topless back-up dancers as he loves to do?

Buy festival passes now at Coachella’s website, via Ticketmaster HERE. You’ve got two choices: a regular weekend-long wristband for $269 “+ $3 charity + $9 fac fee + service charges & shipping,” or the $699 VIP package (plus the aforementioned fees), which means access to the VIP shaded areas, picnic tables, couches, extra restrooms, food & beverage vendors and a full cash bar. Plus “thousand of roses” in one of the VIP sections.