UPDATE: Helpless Asian attacked by 7 others – 1 arrested!

According to Live Leak:

UPDATE: 1-17-2012 – 1 of the attackers have been arrested (Raymond P.) and will be used to track the other 6 in a investigation by police.

names of the 7 posted below:
WESLEY WU – grey hoodie, main kid attacking the man, deleted facebook.
EASLEY WU – big puffy jackey with fur hood, blue striped adidas pants
RAYMOND PALOMINO – white guy with no mask
TODD RAMOS – grey and black hoodie
JOHNNY LI – blue hoodie and blue snap back on
DANNY HUI – dressed in all black


Hostess Brands files for bankruptcy

According to Washington Post:

“You get a big delight in every bite of Hostess Twinkies,” said Twinkie the Kid in a 1970s television ad after lassoing two cartoon thieves making off with golden sponge cakes packed with “creamy filling.”

But all the fruit pies, cupcakes and Wonder bread in “Hostess Twinkie town” weren’t enough to save privately owned Hostess Brands from filing for bankruptcy on Wednesday, for the second time in the past decade. The company, which has 19,000 employees, will continue operating as it seeks to restructure.