I been reading alot on the Benefits of Working out as a Couple… tho I have never been a fan of it; I think its time to open my mind.

See what lifemojo has to say:

One of the nicest things about working out with your spouse or partner is that you get to spend quality time together! Throughout the week the two of you maybe apart doing your own thing with work and its requirements. However, exercise time can be a shared time of bonding and catching up with your lives.

Benefits of Exercising as a Couple
The two of you may have very different weight loss goals. But working out together will mean helping each other out. There are many benefits when you choose to exercise as a couple. Togetherness time is just the bonus! Here are some plus points of couple exercise:

*Safety: Accidents can happen during exercise – a trip, a twisted ankle or wrist. Having your soul-mate with you, watching as you workout together is advantageous to both of you. Help is always at hand!

*Common Interest: Apart from the many other things you may enjoy in common you could add exercise to that list! New activities to the already growing common interests can only add to the excitement of your relationship and help keep it fresh! Think about it, you can never have too much in common.

*Encouragement: Getting support with your exercise program is another wonderful thing when you workout with your partner or spouse. You can always count on him or her to encourage you and help you boost your motivation when you just don’t feel like you want to go on. Your spouse will always be honest with you without hurting your feelings.

*A Deeper Bond: When we exercise the brain releases chemicals which stir up feelings of happiness, thus reducing stress and tension. These chemicals also increase arousal and libido. Studies show that partners who enjoy exercising together report having better sexual relations with each other thus deepening their bond.

*Pride: By exercising, you show that you care for your body and want to be able live a healthy life for longer. That in turn means that you so treasure the time you spend with your spouse that you want to be around longer!

*A Sense of Balance: Women tend to prefer cardio workouts whereas men go for strength training. By spending workout time together, it’s a great opportunity to learn from each other. Let your partner share their knowledge with you and you enjoy the new fitness experience.

*Quality time: Mentioned earlier, this is a good time to catch up with each other having been apart during the week due to work and other responsibilities. By choosing a common workout time, you will not have to sacrifice this one-on-one time which is uniquely yours.

How to Start a Program Together
If you’re not already exercising together, then here are a few tips to get going:

* Sign up for classes together. You can choose from salsa to contemporary dance, yoga, aerobics and many others.
* Do cardio workouts side by side. You can watch and learn from each other.
* Stretch together. By doing assisted stretches, your body becomes more flexible.

And there you have it. An opportunity to spend time with your loved one and get a great body workout. So what are you waiting for? Head straight to the gym with him (or her) and start bonding!