Finally, my way of talking to one of the sexiest chics I know!! I grew on up Who’s the Boss, and I can’t lie, when my girl watches the old Charmed episodes, I eagerly wait for Alyssa to come on the screen… I get goosebumps to this day. lol No a more serious note – hit the auction!!

Here’s what the Luxist had to say:

“Alyssa Milano, one of the most influential celebrity tweeters out there, has launched the first ever celebrity tweet auction on eBay and it’s all in the name of charity. With 100% of the winning bid set to go to aHomeInHaiti (an organization that builds shelters, homes, and schools for Haitians devastated by the earthquake) this is a great chance to realize the ultimate Twitter fantasy and get yourself an A-list celebrity follower, and A-list celebrity retweet, and an A-list celebrity shout-out all while doing something good for the world. The lucky winning bidder will be followed by @Alyssa_Milano for a minimum of 90 days plus she’ll give you a personal shout out using your @twitterhandle and will retweet at least one of your posts (lets hope it’s a good one). The auction just started and with over 9 days left is already up to $3,050. She’ll probably be the most expensive Twitter follower you ever pick up but who knows, with the kind of pull Alyssa has online this just might be your chance to ‘make it big’ in the Twitterverse (and make a few Haitians’ days too).”